The Importance of Building Friendships in Youth Soccer

The Role of Friendships in Youth Soccer Playing youth soccer with FFPS has multiple benefits, from weekly exercise, to building self-confidence through team activities. However, one of the most important aspects of playing youth soccer is building lifelong relationships with their teammates! Youth Soccer helps build strong relationships, giving kids an amazing opportunity to spend time with their friends. They ultimately bond over their soccer experiences, practice hard together, and compete in a fun, fair and […]

A Parents Guide to Navigating Pregame Jitters

Anticipation for the Upcoming Soccer Season! So, you have recently just registered your child in a FFPS youth soccer league. You and your child have been talking about the upcoming season frequently. Excitement has been steadily growing since you have signed up! Expectations have been building with the first game on the horizon, but… read more

Youth Soccer Shin Guards – Essential Buyers Guide

Safety First  Preparing your child for the FFPS Fall season? Or do you have a small kid that is interested in starting soccer? Whatever the case, as a parent/guardian, you are going to need to know about the essential gear that is involved in youth soccer. And one of the most important pieces to obtain is shin guards. What are Shin Guards? Shin guards are vital equipment in every organized soccer league from pee-wee, youth soccer to elite professionals.  Shin guards are… read more

Preparing Your Child For Their First Youth Soccer Season

Purchasing The Correct Youth Soccer Equipment is Essential  When you register for an FFPS league across Houston, you will be given an FFPS jersey, shorts, and game socks (included in the registration fee). However, in addition to the jersey/shorts, you will need to buy some soccer equipment for your child to be properly outfitted for the upcoming youth soccer season. Your child will need soccer cleats, practice socks, and shin guards. Official FFPS soccer balls will be provided for games and practices. Although, if you… read more

Tips & Tricks for Buying Youth Soccer Cleats

Guide to Selecting the Right Pair of Soccer Cleats for Kids!  If you are starting the FFPS Fall season and need to buy a new pair of youth soccer cleats for your kid, it is easy to be overwhelmed with the number of options at your disposal. You want to get a quality pair of cleats that fit comfortably without spending a fortune. Especially, when you are not sure how much… read more

What Age Should My Child Start Soccer?

It's Important To Ask Yourself These Questions At FFPS, we are often asked at what age a child should start playing youth soccer. It is a valid question and one we are eager to help answer to our best ability. You may recall the saying “it’s never too late to try something new,” but as a parent you may be worried that your child is too old to… read more

Is Winning in Youth Sports Necessary for Children to Succeed in Life?

Winning and Youth Sports Today? In their ads about the Olympics, NIKE said: "You Don't GET Silver, You LOSE Gold!!" But let’s be honest, winning is fun. There’s much to be said for the joys of competition. Coaches, players, and parents love to see their team win, but as they say,… read more

Tips for Beating the Texas Summer Heat

Texas Summers Texas summer is in full swing and it's an excellent time for children to get outside and enjoy youth soccer! Exercising regularly is important, especially for kids’ growing bodies, and summer sports are perfect for having fun and staying active. As Houstonians know, one major concern in summer is the brutal Texas heat.   Temperatures can easily stay in triple digits for weeks. However, with a few simple tips and… read more

Why we Play Coed Soccer at FFPS

Confidence and Cooperation in Youth Soccer A common theme in FFPS soccer leagues across the greater Houston area is girls and boys playing on the same teams in all games, especially in the younger age groups. At FFPS, we believe coed soccer creates a greater social environment for the players when boys and girls can play soccer together. Coed soccer allows brothers and sisters, classmates, and friends to all play on the same teams. Plus,… read more

FFPS, Youth Soccer for Everyone!

From Humble Beginnings Since 1986, Fun Fair Positive Soccer (FFPS) has been providing a positive environment for kids of all abilities to enjoy the wonderful game of youth soccer. Jack Hendrie started the program in Katy, Texas after he and other local parents noticed that many soccer leagues put a ton of pressure on kids and focused on winning… read more

Is Winning Everything In Youth Sports?

Youth Sports Should be Stress Free Children want to play and parents want their children to perform well. This conflict is played out all the time in youth sports. In a 'USA Today' Survey in 1991, 38% of the children said they would prefer that their parents did not attend their activity… read more