Is Winning Everything In Youth Sports?

Youth Sports Should be Stress Free Children want to play and parents want their children to perform well. This conflict is played out all the time in youth sports. In a 'USA Today' Survey in 1991, 38% of the children said they would prefer that their parents did not attend their activity… read more

The Case for a Participation Trophy

Being Rewarded is Important So there it is - all shiny and made of pure gold. It might be plastic but the kids can’t tell. That amazing piece of artistry on a marble base that makes Michelangelo blush... it is so magnificent. It is what every kid dreams of when they… read more

Get In The Game with FFPS!

There are 3 main reasons to get your kids in Houston youth soccer. Are you tired of sitting at home and have nothing left on your Netflix library to watch. One of the best ways to get back some normalcy is to start, or in this case restart. If you have… read more

FFPS, Making a Difference in Youth Soccer Since 1986

What Sets FFPS Apart from the Rest? Since 1986, Fun Fair Positive Soccer (FFPS) has been providing a positive environment for kids of all abilities to enjoy the wonderful game of youth soccer. Jack Hendrie started the program in Katy, Texas after he and other local parents noticed that many soccer leagues put a ton of pressure on kids… read more

3 Reasons to Play Youth Soccer in 2020

3 ways Youth Soccer Contributes to Social and Physical Well-Being  | Fun | Fair | Positive | Soccer | When your child takes part in youth soccer and other outdoor physical activities, a window of new opportunities automatically opens for them! It provides your child with the opportunity to create social connections in real life as they encounter new kids outside of their regular social environments. As children start to gain a sense of belonging and community, they are also developing valuable… read more

Return to Soccer Safely with Fun Fair Positive Soccer

Fun | Fair | Positive | Soccer Normal life has changed drastically for everyone since the COVID-19 pandemic. We want to assure you that getting back to Fun Fair Positive Soccer will not come at your expense or safety. At FFPS we have taken a rigorous “Return to Soccer Safely" protocol to… read more

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