There are 3 main reasons to get your kids in Houston youth soccer. Are you tired of sitting at home and have nothing left on your Netflix library to watch. One of the best ways to get back some normalcy is to start, or in this case restart. If you have told your child to go outside more in the last year then now is the time. Playing soccer outside where it not only safe for kids, but also a great for their health and wellness.

Get Outside this summer!

If your network data bill have more megabytes on it than a dogs chew toy than its probably time to encourage outdoor activities again. Let’s get those kids some important Vitamin D and also learn important life skills while being together and socializing. Not only does being outside improve kids attitudes it will improve their health in these important times. With our Houston youth soccer program not only do the kids get outside but they are treated with positive instruction and get to play equal time in the games.

Do you have a first name relationship with your with your food delivery driver. Keeping the restaurant community in business is great but it can be harmful to your pocketbook while adding nothing to your kids life. If your child thinks Uber Eats is a restaurant you may need a change. What better way to work off those pounds than running all over the field in a Houston youth soccer league. Exercise is important at any age and for kids they start enjoying it at an early age by playing soccer. Running for a goal with chasing a ball makes the monotony of running much more enjoyable. That way when it is time to go to bed at the end of the night you may find them crashed on the sofa from all the running.

Fun, Fair and Positive for Everyone!

Do you have a better relationship with your Alexa than your neighbors it might be time to go outside. One thing kids need more than anything is to be with friends. What better way than in a positive environment like a youth soccer field. They will start to build self-esteem and confidence through playing on a youth soccer team. If they start every sentence with “Alexa” or “Hey Google” then it may be time to get outside and kick a ball around. There is something therapeutic about being outside on a Houston youth soccer field kicking a ball around with the kids. I think they should be saying “hey dad” can we kick the ball around again today.

Houston youth soccer done right!

If all or any of this speaks to you then make that change and register for one of our Houston youth soccer programs today. We guarantee that your child will get outside, have fun, and meet some amazing kids just like them on the soccer field. The hardest part of deciding to do anything is the start.

Learn more about FFPS today!

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