Winning and Youth Sports Today?

In their ads about the Olympics, NIKE said: “You Don’t GET Silver, You LOSE Gold!!” But let’s be honest, winning is fun. There’s much to be said for the joys of competition. Coaches, players, and parents love to see their team win, but as they say, “Winning isn’t everything.”

Players can get hurt when going for a win—and not just physically. It’s important for coaches to not view young athletes as a means to an end. They’re individuals who should be learning, growing and developing. Coaches and parents who focus only on the win are missing out on a great opportunity to make a difference in young lives.

Developing Tomorrow’s Leaders

Unfortunately, purpose can get neglected when winning trumps character and integrity. The purpose of youth sports is not just to develop good athletes, it is to develop tomorrow’s leaders. Youth sports offer the training ground for life’s playing fields. Perspective can be clouded when the scoreboard becomes the only measurement of a team or an individual. Success should be measured by progress, achievements, met goals and character gained. Winning in youth sports isn’t everything.

At FFPS We Have No Try-Outs Or All-Star Teams.

This is why FFPS will never have try-outs or all-star teams. We are here for everyone to: Play, Be Included, Build Self Esteem, And Learn Values!!!

The game of soccer is a great for kids, even if they simply want to play at a recreational level. It is one of the best sports for developing all-round physical literacy, and it develops friendships, teamwork, and lifelong love of play.

  • In a USA Today Survey in 1990 37% of children said they wish their parents did NOT come to watch them and 41% said they woke up in the middle of the night worrying about an event.
  • According to a study done by the Minnesota Sports Commission in 1993
  • 45% say they hav been called names and yelled at and insulted while playing.
  • 18% reported they had been kicked, slapped, and hit in games
  • 22% said they were pressured to play with an injury.

Mentally/ Physically Challenged Opportunities

Jane and Dave Scholfield are coordinators for our Mentally and Physically Challenged Children and we had 13 players in FFPS this past spring and two of those were teens!!! Call the Scholfields any time at 713-578-3729 to discuss any questions.

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