Guide to Selecting the Right Pair of Soccer Cleats for Kids! 

If you are starting the FFPS Fall season and need to buy a new pair of youth soccer cleats for your kid, it is easy to be overwhelmed with the number of options at your disposal. You want to get a quality pair of cleats that fit comfortably without spending a fortune. Especially, when you are not sure how much they will grow this season.

This is our straightforward guide to help parents find the right pair of youth soccer cleats for their aspiring soccer player this fall season!  

Comfort Is Always Key 

Before anything else, comfort should be the focal point when you are picking soccer cleats for any young player. The overall goal is to guarantee they fit correctly. Ask them to walk around in them to see if there are any areas of pressure or discomfort. If the cleats are too tight, they will create unwanted foot pain. Cleats that are too loose will cause the feet to slide up while running, causing painful blisters.

Ensure You Have the Right Size 

Since you want the soccer cleats to last longer than a few weeks. Making sure there is enough space to grow into is incredibly important. In general, use your finger as a guide for the max room they should have toward the front of the cleat. Press down on the upper portion of the cleat with your pinky – there should not be any extra space between their toes and the front of the soccer cleat. 

Creating a Positive Experience for Everyone!

Purchasing the correct sized cleats will make certain that your child has a happy and successful soccer season. Make sure to ask the shoe store employee questions to guarantee you are buying the appropriate cleats for soccer, not other sports. Finally, think about shopping online. It is excellent for comparing product reviews from multiple customers all in one location.

Acquiring the right cleats for your child will mean that he or she can focus their full attention on playing the wonderful game of soccer and having a fun, fair and positive experience! 

These are youth soccer cleats that we recommend as great options for younger players. These are suggestions based on feedback I have received from parents throughout my 30 years of experience. 

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