Confidence and Cooperation in Youth Soccer

A common theme in FFPS soccer leagues across the greater Houston area is girls and boys playing on the same teams in all games, especially in the younger age groups. At FFPS, we believe coed soccer creates a greater social environment for the players when boys and girls can play soccer together. Coed soccer allows brothers and sisters, classmates, and friends to all play on the same teams. Plus, playing soccer together at a young age helps boys and girls learn the best from each other on the field.  

Unfortunately, people often assume that girls and boys want different things from playing soccer. However, they just want to play hard, have fun and make friends!

Coed Soccer Encourage Mutual Respect Between the Genders

At Fun Fair Positive Soccer, we want to dismiss the myths that girls only care about the social aspects of playing soccer and boys just want the heavy competition.  
After analyzing coed soccer for more than 35 years we’ve discovered many fascinating things! What often matters most for girls and boys are things like, working hard, trying your best, having fun, and getting to play on a team. At FFPS, these findings are the same for our athletes at younger and older ages, across all our soccer leagues in the greater Houston area.

Coed Soccer Diversify a Team

Traditionally, boys focus more on their individuality while girls can be more team-driven overall. At FFPS, we advocate that playing soccer together can widen an individual’s skills and help the soccer player progress overall. Additionally, there are numerous benefits from coed youth soccer leagues. Including more diversity, additional opportunities, and a superior social environment for children to grow in.

At FFPS, we value our members. At the end of the day, all we want is for our FFPS athletes to have fun, fair and positive soccer experiences while learning the importance of sportsmanship in soccer and making lifelong memories along the way!

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