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 Preparing your child for the FFPS Fall season? Or do you have a small kid that is interested in starting soccer? Whatever the case, as a parent/guardian, you are going to need to know about the essential gear that is involved in youth soccer. And one of the most important pieces to obtain is shin guards.

What are Shin Guards?

Shin guards are vital equipment in every organized soccer league from pee-wee, youth soccer to elite professionals.  Shin guards are a necessary piece of soccer equipment that protect players against all sorts of leg contact, from potential slide tackles and even unintentional ones. Your child needs practical protection from potential injuries, and shin guards are designed to supply just that. However, choosing the correct shin guards can be a bit tricky at first glance. This is our straightforward guide that will help you determine the right type of shin guards to purchase. First, let’s try to understand the different types of shin guards available for youth soccer players.

Ankle-Shin Guards

“Ankle-shin guards” are shin guards with extra ankle protection and padding. All around the foot and ankle is additional soft padding. This helps players from potential hard kicks and slide tackles to that area. There are stirrups that will slide under the feet and help the shin guards stay in place throughout the soccer game. Obviously, this is the ideal option for younger or less experienced players starting soccer. 

Shin Socks

Shin socks are shin guards and socks combined! This makes it easier for younger players to keep their gear on correctly and in working order throughout the game. The shin guard is pulled on in one piece, just like a regular sock. The downside is less ankle and foot protection compared to ankle-shin guards, but better mobility and are much easier to put on. These are great for our younger players, ages 4 – 6, and they are machine washable, so everything is fresh and clean come game day!  

Proper Sizing

Finally, the sizing of the shin guards is important to keep in mind. You will find the correct size shin guards based on the height of the player. Normally, you will be able to find size guides in stores or online when scoping out the different options. Keep in mind that the more coverage between the ankle and the knee the better. Also, you will want shin guards that fall two inches below the knee. This will help the player be able to run and kick properly throughout the game. 

Acquiring the right shin guards for your child will mean that he or she can focus their full attention on playing the wonderful game of soccer and having a fun, fair and positive experience! 

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